Self doubt echos from a past life

When we clear the karmic energy of doubt, when automatically enact a trust towards the spirit.

Past life regression can help with self doubt and self esteem. We can all remember a childhood experience (or two) that effected our confidence. Whilst this may lead to an adult more likely to doubt themselves. How many of us have entertained the idea that their self doubting ways may have its roots in a past life? .

It is known that humanity has persecuted itself for some time. From being told we are stupid to being blamed for our failings. The pressure that comes with these kinds of past life experiences is where the true karmic energy lays. Normally trapped within the bio energy field of our bodies. It can lead to us not speaking our truth or submitting to another person's idea of ourselves.

By clearing a past life of blame leading to self-doubt and low confidence, we can set ourselves free from the vibrational energies that influence our current life. There are often subconscious contracts or agreements that go along with self-doubt. These all reside in the past, but maybe they are still in place today.

“When we heal the traps of the past, we are clear to connect more easily to our true or higher self and progress along our pathway.”

Becoming aware of doubting and intuitively knowing it's perhaps coming from a far deeper place than this life’s experience, can lead to realizations that are not so far from our conscious understanding. So potentially mothers carrying the experience of a previous parenthood, affecting their confidence as a parent. Or light workers or healers, having been ridiculed in the past for their beliefs. Or perhaps a professional person (or aspiring professional person) that seeks the approval of lineal family members. Perhaps one day questioning why they are pushing themselves so hard, to achieve in an area that has never inspired them.

What ever the reason or experience that resides in a past life. The self doubting and low self esteem can be cleared and transmitted with assistance of past life regression and karmic healing.